Services & Fees

  • $100.00 one time assessment & registration fee
  • $40 ($400.00 total) for the 10-week small group Grief Recovery classes. Class duration is 1 1/2 hours
  • End of Life planning assistance
  • At-Death and Post Death financial assistance (when funds are available)

Pre-Need Process:

  • Obtain a living will.
  • Have a last will & testament drawn up with an attorney.
  • Look into your life & health insurance alternatives.
  • Seek and locate a funeral director and cemetery that you wish to make your final resting place and with whom you wish to carry out your last wishes. Many advantages are available.
  • We educate our survivors on end-of–life planning and funding decisions. Choices of seminars, literature, books videos and internet information options are available.
  • Make arrangements with Funeral and Cemetery directors to tour their facilities.

At-Need Process is when a death has taken place. If the deceased has not preplanned and prepaid, the burden falls on the survivors to plan and pay for funeral and cemetery arrangements at the most difficult time of their lives.
Our responsibility to our survivors is to elevate and reduce as much stress as possible in making final arrangements for their loved one.
Post Need & Aftercare is dealing with grief and trying so very hard to accept the reality of it all. At some time in our lives, all of us must face up to the reality of death; the reality of a severed connection with a loved one can be devastating. The death and dying researcher have identified 10 stages of the grief process: They are as follows: Shock & loss, Emotional release, Loneliness, Physical distress and anxiety, Panic, Guilt, Hostility and rejection, Lassitude, Gradual overcoming of grief, Readjustment back to reality. Any survivor that is experiencing these symptoms should realize it’s normal and in many ways a necessary part of the loss process.