About Us

The Grief Survivors Therapeutic Network, Inc is a 501 c 3 tax-deductible donation supported & operated organization founded in 2005, that`s supportive of grief and loss survivors. Our goal is to promote grief recovery and therapeutic healing in helping others help themselves.

About the Founder of Grief Survivors Therapeutic Network, Inc.
Marie Johnson  
- Certified Grief Recovery Specialist 
- Suicide Prevention & Aftercare Trainer 
- Group Support Facilitator 
- Grief Counseling for Professionals  

Marie Johnson is President & CEO of Grief Survivors Therapeutic Network, Inc., a grief & loss support organization that provides educational bereavement recovery services for individuals and families undergoing grief and loss. GSTN, Inc. also provides referrals services to small businesses, corporations and other non-profit organizations. Prior to her current position, she worked in the death & dying industry working in funeral and cemetery services as a certified family senior counselor in metro Atlanta, Georgia.

Marie is married and has two adult children. She has recently been honored and awarded for notable achievements in the Grief & Bereavement Profession. Marie finds time to work with   community and church outreach organizations in the grief & loss field. She serves as Fundraiser & Event Planner and oversees the daily operations of the grief network. Marie serves as an educator both in the public and private sector and continues to do research in the grief and therapeutic recovery and survival arena.